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Thermofoil Finishes

Colorful. Durable. Modern.

Thermofoil styles are designed for the heavy-duty kitchen, bath or other room. Our selection of 26 Thermofoil choices range from high gloss colors/patterns, to solid and super matte colors, as well as textured and woodgrain matte options. Thermofoil styles are created with a heat-sealed polymer that forms over the carefully selected medium density fiberboard, providing a smooth surface, durability for daily wear and tear, and excellent stability.

Not all styles available in all finishes and colors; see your authorized Siteline dealer for details.

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Brambling

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Cascade

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Chai

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Cognac

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Dusk

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Everest

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Galaxy

Thermofoil, High Gloss-Hawthorn

Thermofoil, Solid Matte-Alpaca

Thermofoil, Solid Matte-Nebulous

Thermofoil, Solid Matte-Polar

Thermofoil, Super Matte-Burlap

Thermofoil, Super Matte-Cocoon

Thermofoil, Super Matte-Stratus

Thermofoil, Super Matte-Truffle

Thermofoil, Super Matte-Tundra

Thermofoil, Textured-Cove

Thermofoil, Textured-Gorge

Thermofoil, Textured-Summit

Thermofoil, Textured-Wharf

Thermofoil, Woodgrain Matte-Barley

Thermofoil, Woodgrain Matte-Blossom

Thermofoil, Woodgrain Matte-Cinnamon

Thermofoil, Woodgrain Matte-Dunbar

Thermofoil, Woodgrain Matte-French Press

Thermofoil, Woodgrain Matte-Havana