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About the Corsi Group

The Corsi Group

Every cabinet starts out as a design concept.

At Corsi Group, we start with a blank slate. Then add your vision.

We own no storage facilities. There are no warehouses full of preconceived notions and pre-fabricated products.

With the expansive Siteline Cabinetry style, material and finish/color palette, your vision can be achieved.

Our goal is to meet your exacting standards and exceed your expectations.

What’s your vision?


1973 Was a Very Good Year Indeed

Monday, July 16, 1973. 8 am.

Pat Corsi walks into an empty building. His vision was born.

Over 50,000 projects later, every design innovation, every delighted client, every single cabinet we’ve created has led to this precise moment.

As you read this, our project managers, designers, master craftsmen and women, finishers, service reps and authorized dealers are applying their collective expertise to the task at-hand, creating dramatic lifestyle improvements for our clients, one room at a time.

Since that day back in 1973, we have been honing our considerable talents and expanding our knowledge for 42 years. All of this experience, and all the accumulated knowledge lead to your front door step. To you, right here, right now. Welcome to working with the Corsi Group, makers of Siteline Cabinetry.


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