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ATTENTION LIP GLOSS LOVERS: you love sheen, shine and shimmer

So, you prefer the slick, glossy look of lip gloss over lipstick.  When given a choice, you always seem to pick the most blinged-out, bedazzled option there is.  Then by all means, we want you to meet a material and finish that’s got your chic sheen sensibility!

Lip gloss lover, meet high gloss Acrylic.


Tesla door style, Caliente color

 Perfect as an accent or for a whole room, Acrylic finishes are the epitome of “wow factor.”  So go on, let your glossy goddess come out, and get some “wow” now in your new kitchen or bath.

Acrylics are polymer high gloss, durable finishes applied to carefully selected medium density fiberboard for maximum color clarity and consistency. Siteline Acrylics feature a co-extruded polymer top layer which maximizes scratch resistance.


Available in seven high gloss choices, there’s a perfect hue just for you — color your world with cool white Cotton, atmospheric Aquasphere or even perfect Pretzel.

Acrylic Grouping

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