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Bold colors are meant to stand out and be seen. Vibrancy is not meant to be muted. Bolds represent optimism and excitement, which is important in a corporate or tech-emphasized world. According to, “Bright kitchen colors such as reds, yellows and apricot are becoming even more popular in kitchens because they are not only comforting but also work as appetite stimulant…Since most kitchens have black, white or silver appliances, try an unexpected bold color.” See our inspiration featuring Siteline selections, below.



Shown here: (left to right) Acrylic Insert, Turquoise; Resin Insert, Ensign; Acrylic, Caliente; Maple/MDF Tiger



Shown here: (left to right) Amici, Acrylic, Fly Yellow; Lima, Natural Aluminum, Kiwi Acrylic Insert

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