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Authorized Siteline dealer Mark Heidkamp of Heidkamp Design Company, Lombard, Illinois is a Chicago- based kitchen and cabinet designer, as well as finish carpenter. For the last 20 years he has been trained to build and design both residential and commercial cabinetry. Recently, he worked with Chicago homeowners on a unique remodeling project.

“The homeowners live in a new, modern building in Chicago,” notes Mark.

“Overall they really like the Midcentury Modern look, colors and feel.  Although they really like the warmth and clean lines of Midcentury Modern, they also enjoy some of the cooler, cleaner lines of the acrylic Modern style.”

According to Mark, the homeowners gathered their inspirations mostly from online; however, they had the big picture in mind and called him in to facilitate the cabinetry fit, finish, installation and details.

“When trying to match their existing high gloss acrylic cabinetry, Siteline offerings met that need,” adds Mark.

“Also, the Alder wood with a Siteline Harvest stain color for the open shelving is almost a spot-on match to the other Midcentury Modern furniture in the space.”

The new design solves some specific storage issues for the family.  The TV and some basic cabinetry was already in place, but it simply was not enough.

“They really needed more storage while combining their style into a functional yet beautiful space,” says Mark.

The increased storage and addition of the fireplace creates a much cleaner looking space with easy access.  And, the fireplace adds warmth and a pleasant aesthetic to the room.

The clients chose the Siteline Acrylic door style Amici in the high gloss “Porcelain” white finish, paired with Alder wood with the Harvest stain for the shelving.

“Their busy lives and new advancements at work made it essential to create a space that was easy to maintain,” adds Mark.

Photography courtesy of Gwen Stark of @properties (  Thanks, Gwen!

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